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we have completed the Active learning environment website to provide enthusiasm and stimuli for planning the school and learning environments. This material can be used to develop school interiors and schoolyards from the perspective of an active learner.

We have collected interesting and creative tips from different areas of Finland. We hope that when you have designed something new as well, you will also share your ideas on, for example, on this site.

We believe that with the help of this inspiring material, we can get help in designing the interior and exterior of schools and to improve the well-being and learning of students. Following experts have been helping me to create this material: Heidi Syväoja, Anni Järvitalo, Arto Nykänen, Hanne Nyman, Janne Järvenpää, Jukka Sinnemäki, Pekka Paappanen and Tiina Mäkelä.


I hope that this motivational material will be useful and, above all, a pleasure for you. The project has been financed by...


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