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Multi-professional joint planning and processing to obtain the best possible result

In the fall, in the planning of the new multipurpose school building in Kouvola, we had to think carefully about what could be saved, because construction costs were rising. So that in such a situation the main ideas about learning would not have been washed away, Oppimaisema conducted stress tests and functionality simulations related to the use of the facilities.

The information was the basis for discussions and planning and helped us to reach good results, securing the versatile work of the teachers.

The teacher's profession is the most meaningful, because his influence on the life and future of children and young people is unique. He acts as one of the child's first role models, and he can significantly help in adopting new ways of working that the child will need in the future.

A teacher's work creates value in the long term and helps us to become a part of society. For all this, he needs the best possible tools, resources and learning environments.

As school designers, instead of one group of students, we are responsible for all students and teachers in the school, not forgetting other staff. This requires more experience and knowledge than one person has. Because of this, high-quality school planning is communal, inclusive and requires broad-based thinking and understanding.

Swarm Intelligence is then necessary and the principal and teachers need all possible help and support.

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