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We trust that new and better is possible. Always.

We have been developing teacher training, training for teacher trainers, instructor training for training school teachers and have noticed that if you believe, trust and do enough, results will come.

Even during this challenging year, we have supported (facilitated) workshops, the goal of which has been the development of future thinking and guidance in the development of change.

The aim of the training has been to give the participants tools to develop planning readiness for future school building projects and to evaluate the functionality, innovation and safety of the school building during the planning phase.


Feedback on the usefulness of the training has been, for example, like this:

-Expanding thinking and seeing new perspectives and possibilities

- It is useful to see the plans of different schools

- It's good to be able to think about things under the guidance of experts at this stage

- Sometimes training can go a little past one's own need or interest, but this was timely and necessary and completely relevant.

- New ideas and thoughts arose, which you have to taste with your own work community.

- Thought provoking and guiding

-A lot of new stuff

-We gained extremely important insights on our trip

-Good functional training!

-Thought-provoking, inspiring and unhurried reflection. Time to think for once. This is not always found in the school day.

- Good information and good examples

- Well-structured training.

- Lots of concrete work tools for school planning, I recommend

-Thank you. A nice relaxed but effective approach to training.

- Thanks for the visions

-Thank you! Really nice and useful training

-Thank you! You did well! 👍 🙂 ☀️

-Thank you! You are professionals and inspiring.

-Good lectures and inspiring trainers. Adequate time for joint discussion and group work.

-Good education.:)

Here's another video summary. Thanks to all participants, let's stay healthy.

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