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What should we know about today's learning environments?

"What do the leading international industry, education, and research experts believe is the most needed knowledge in innovative learning environments?"

When we heard that the University of Melbourne's LEaRN network (Learning Environments Applied Research Network) is starting a research on how new learning environments should be researched, of course we wanted to participate. We have written and talked about this in many contexts, this is really needed!

Of course, we wanted to participate and especially to bring our own Nordic perspective to this scoping study. After all, the wholeness of our school and learning environments is something unique. We assembled an expert organization covering the various fields of the University of Jyväskylä, the City of Helsinki and Ecophon.

The research deepens the understanding of issues that need to be taken into account in future learning environments and their research. During the year, we will look for less researched subject areas in international research and focus especially on how learners experience, benefit from, or possibly be disturbed in new learning environments.

We have supported and facilitated various experimental and development projects, but thorough research information is also needed. Now is finally the time, and as companies, researchers and individuals, we expect new openings from this process and, of course, new and very necessary research projects.

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